Why Rock Solid Character

The Character Lesson Students Never Forget!


Rock Solid Character (RSC) is not your typical “assembly-type” character education program. During our adventure-based program, students (K-12) hear and experience positive character lessons reinforced with the opportunity to climb a 25’ portable rock wall.


RSC Comes To You


Rock Solid Character is an educational investment you can’t afford to miss. We are the field trip that comes to you. For less than the cost of an off-campus field trip, your students can enjoy a fun and challenging character program.


Our program has literally changed the lives of some students. And with this interactive website students are never far from a character education refresher.

Rock Solid Character Brings Benefits that Will Last a Lifetime

Benefits for the Students:


  • Increases awareness of personal character
  • Encourages students to make positive and responsible life choices
  • Improves students’ self-esteem
  • Provides a physically challenging activity
  • Teaches students the basics of safe rock climbing


Benefits for the School:


  • Helps school officials promote character education
  • Offers an exciting alternative to “assembly-type” programs
  • Reinforces good behavior in students
  • Keeps students interested in character with an interactive RSC website


More than 350,000 students, parents and teachers have already experienced Rock Solid Character. Will you be next? Call us today at 1-888-615-TEAM (8326).