Rock Solid Character Fundraising Ideas

Rock Solid Character has been hard at work, brainstorming opportunities for schools to help pay for much needed character education programs. Check out these creative ideas. We’re sure that you’ll find one that works for your school. Fundraising can be an easy and fun way to bring Rock Solid Character to your school, make a significant contribution to your school’s budget, and most importantly make a lasting difference in the lives of your students.

Potential School, State and Federal Funds

Contact your school and region center to see what school, state and federal funds are appropriate and available (i.e. Safe and Drug-Free monies and Title 1 funds).

Civic Club Donations

Request donations from civic organizations in your community. Civic organizations, such as Kiwanas International, Rotary Clubs, and The Junior League, are committed to assisting with educational and youth programs. RSC will of course allow these organizations to display their banner on the day of the event.

PTA Fundraisers

Organize a fundraiser to sponsor RSC in your child’s school. Many schools have rented our portable climbing rock for carnivals or festivals and charged a per-climb fee, which allows them to keep 100% of the proceeds.

Community Sponsors

Get your community involved by having local businesses sponsor RSC character education activities in your school. Community or corporate sponsors would have the opportunity to provide a meaningful character education program for your school, get tax benefits, advertise, and develop a positive image in the community. RSC is pleased to allow sponsors to display their banner on the day of the event.

Testimonials from School Staff and Students