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Interview with Professional Rock Climber Joshua Haynes

How did you become a professional rock climber?

“The sport hooked me on my first climb. After years of hard work and numerous competitions, companies heard about my success. I was then sponsored to be a professional climber. Imagine, I earn my living doing what I love!”

What do you enjoy most about climbing?

“The challenges. When I climb, I always face challenges. Sometimes I face physical challenges which mean I have to get stronger. Other times I face technical challenges that make me figure out how to move my body more effectively. Fear and self-doubt cause mental challenges for me to overcome. Each difficulty is like a puzzle and once it’s solved, I can climb without fear of falling. That’s rewarding.”


Are you ever nervous or afraid on a climb?

“I’m always super careful about climbing and I make sure I use all of my equipment properly. Because I know it’s safe, I’m not usually scared of getting hurt. But sometimes I’m scared of failing. I’m afraid of what people will think of a professional climber who falls. Then I remind myself that with courage, hard work, and perseverance I can do this climb!”

What advice would you give a beginning climber?

“Get out there and climb! Work hard and never give up. If you fall, get right back up and try again. If you are not falling, then you’re not challenging yourself.”

How do you think life is like rock climbing?

“Life is like rock climbing because you are constantly faced with new challenges. Sometimes you overcome the challenge right away and it seems easy. Other times it takes lots of work. One thing is for sure, no matter the challenge, it’s worth the work. Don’t give up.”

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