Rock Solid Character Parent Resources

Parents, there are so many ways for you to reinforce and reward positive character growth in your children. From A – Z, Rock Solid Character has some suggestions for you:

Rock Solid Character A – Z

  • A – Acknowledge the importance of your role in the development of your child’s character.
  • B – Be a role model of the “7 Handholds of Success”.
  • C – Catch your children doing “right” things.
  • D – Delight in their accomplishments.
  • E – Encourage them to care for others.
  • F – Focus your attention on their strengths.
  • G – Give them your TIME.
  • H – Help them take a stand for right and stand with them.
  • I – Introduce them to people of excellent character.
  • J – Join in their adventures.
  • K – Keep the promises you make.
  • L – Love them no matter what.
  • M – Meet their friends.
  • N – Nurture them with good food, good words and good character.
  • O – Openly talk about issues such as drugs and violence.
  • P – Play together.
  • Q – Quietly listen to their dreams and nightmares.
  • R – Respect what they say.
  • S – Set and enforce boundaries that keep them safe.
  • T – Tackle problems together.
  • U – Utilize community resources.
  • V – Voice your concerns with them.
  • W – Welcome them home from school and help them with their homework.
  • X – Xpect the best, but not perfection from them.
  • Y – You are the primary teacher of good character.
  • Z – Zero in on problems when they are small.