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Rock Solid Character comes to you. For less than half of the cost of an off-campus field trip, your students can enjoy a fun and challenging program. Up to 420 students can participate in a full day program, and multiple day programs can be arranged.


Session times are flexible and typically are 6 one-hour sessions. Half day and full day sessions are available.

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7 Handholds for Success

We apply handholds of character with the practical adventure of real rock climbing. Just as students must grip hand holds on the rock to make it to the top, they must get a grip on handholds of character to be successful in the climb of life.

The 7 Handholds for Success


Treating others the way you want to be treated


Being truthful to yourself and others


Doing what you say you will do

Caring & Cooperation

Looking after each other


Facing your fears when you know it’s the right thing to do


Sticking to a task until it is complete


Being accountable for your actions

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