Rock Solid Character FAQ

Tell me more about the “7 Handholds for Success” or the Lessons for Life and Climbing

To ensure that students gain the most from their climbing experience, they are first challenged with a special presentation called “7 Handholds for Success.” Students not only hear this lesson, but then get the immediate chance to experience the lesson for maximum retention. In our presentation, we focus on the following seven character traits:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Trustworthiness
  • Perseverance
  • Courage
  • Caring & Cooperation

How do students learn about positive character development through rock climbing?

We apply handholds of character with the practical adventure of real rock climbing. Just as students must grip handholds on the rock to make it to the top, they must get a grip on handholds of character to be successful in the climb of life.

Is this activity safe?

Safety is our number one priority. Our team of highly trained facilitators help participants put on UIAA approved climbing harnesses, attach to OSHA approved belay systems, and climb this mobile 25’ rock. Our portable rock wall is inspected annually and we carry general liability insurance coverage.

How are students organized and how many can climb each class period?

Generally, between 50-60 students climb the rock during the class period (55-60 minutes). If necessary, we can handle 70 students at the maximum. Students usually come through a particular class such as PE or science.  Multiple climbs per student are common with our smaller groups.


Up to 420 students can climb per full-day program, which consists of six, 1-hour sessions. Up to 210 students can climb per half-day program, which consists of three, 1-hour sessions. Multi-day programs are available as well.

How long should we allow for set-up time?

We back the rock into an open area (25’x25′) away from power lines, overhanging trees, noisy areas and other distractions. Set-up takes about 30 minutes. Three Climb Masters are present to teach the character lessons and assist children with safety harnesses and a safe climb.

Interested in some fundraising ideas? 

For less than the cost of a bus for most field trips, your students can enjoy a fun, interactive and challenging character lesson. Rock Solid Character is the affordable field trip that comes to you. Be sure to check out our innovative fundraising options.

Rock the STAAR! Red Ribbon Week! The Ideas are Endless! 

The reasons to bring Rock Solid Character to your school are nearly endless so be creative. Get your students pumped up for STAAR week or any other special program.


Contact us today at 1-888-615-TEAM (8326) to discuss your location, class size and specific goals. We can custom design a program just for your school or organization.

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