About Rock Solid Character

Rock Solid Character is an adventure-based character education program of inSPIRE Rock, dedicated to challenging students, parents, and teachers to make positive character choices on a daily basis. During our unique program, students hear and experience positive character lessons reinforced with the opportunity to climb a 25’ portable rock wall.

Rock Solid Character Mission

Our mission is to provide positive character lessons, reinforced with an exciting rock climbing experience, to enhance responsible living in students of all ages, their parents, and school officials. We provide:

  • Character building experiences for students
  • Powerful workshops for teachers and school officials
  • Dynamic educational resources for parents
  • Year-round character educational curriculum

For Teachers

For less than the cost of an off-campus field trip, your students can enjoy a fun and challenging character program. Up to 420 students participate in a full day program.

For Parents

Parents are critical to building rock solid character in children. We have a simple A-Z Guide to give you even more suggestions on being awesome!

For Students

Not your typical field trip! You’ll have the opportunity to climb a 25′ portable rock wall, and learn the 7 Handholds for Success.

An Adventure-Based Learning Experience

Rock Solid Character is far from the typical “assembly-type” character education program. We offer students a dynamic experience that will have both an immediate and lasting impact.


Our program is open to students in grades K-12. Up to 420 students can participate in a full-day program. Half-day and multi-day sessions are available as well.

Rock Solid Character is the Educational Investment You Can’t Afford to Miss

We are the field trip that comes to you. For less than the cost of an off-campus field trip, your students can enjoy a fun and challenging character program.

The 7 Handholds for Success

The 7 Handholds for Success


Treating others the way you want to be treated


Being truthful to yourself and others


Doing what you say you will do

Caring & Cooperation

Looking after each other


Facing your fears when you know it’s the right thing to do


Sticking to a task until it is complete


Being accountable for your actions

The People Behind Rock Solid Character

Paul Short, founder of Rock Solid Character, has devoted his professional life to experiential education — “learning while doing.” Seeing people of all ages recognize and learn about their potential drives this former teacher.


As a former mountain guide instructor, Paul has taken countless people through ropes/challenge courses, camping, backpacking, paddling, climbing and survival activities.


Paul has decided to take the “mountain” to the masses. His Rock Solid Character lessons instill character growth in young people, their parents, and school officials through adventure-based experiences. Each lesson has one objective — “helping people incorporate the principles back in the REAL world.”


All facilitators and climb masters who are chosen to be part of the Rock Solid Character team are picked for their enthusiasm for life and people, their attention to detail and safety, and their ability to communicate real life principles through an action-learning model.